Kaylin Anderson is a mixed media visual artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Kaylin was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, where she was a part of the Lafayette Parish Selective TalentED Visual Arts Program. 
During her middle school years, Kaylin took part in her community's annual art exhibitions. These years served as the essential stepping-stone in her career as she cut her teeth, exhibiting her work to the artistic community. Over those three years, Kaylin tracked her development and obtained hands-on gallery experience. 
In 2016, Kaylin relocated to Georgia to expand her horizons as an artist and take advantage of exciting new opportunities. By 2017, she was a Visual Arts major at Stilwell School of the Arts, where she received her high school diploma in 2020. 
While attending the performing arts high school, Kaylin honed and developed her raw and natural artistic talent. She had the opportunity to dive into graphic design, academic drawing, painting, ceramics, and set construction, among many other mediums. Medium exploration allowed for the discovery of her artistic identity and approach. Kaylin soon grew a passion for painting and photography, and she has not looked back since. 
Now, Kaylin is an active artist and full-time student working hard, building her portfolio, honing her identity, and collaborating with clients. She works as a freelancer and is open to commissions. Kaylin attends Kennesaw State University, where she studies Fine Art with a concentration in Graphic Communications.

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